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Rex Ryan addresses tense conference call with Boston media


Rex Ryan faced the media Friday and not surprisingly the Buffalo Bills head coach’s incredibly tense conference call with New England Patriots reporters the day before was a topic of conversation.

Ryan became incredibly frustrated by questions regarding his “obsession” with the Patriots, telling the media, among other things, “You guys are obsessed with them, not me.”

Ryan was confronted with questions from the Buffalo media about exactly what happened during the call and why it inspired such a irritated reaction.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Ryan said, via ESPN. “I mean, you know. It’s New England week, man. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not real fond of New England right now. No, it’s, eh — it’s just the way it is, man.”

The Bills head coach was later asked Friday during his news conference if he was too emotional heading into Buffalo’s first showdown with the Patriots earlier this season, a game in which New England won by a score of 40-32.

“But no, it’s not even like — that to me [the conference call] is like, with it, like, you don’t like anything about them right now because that’s the truth,” he said. “But we’re a different team in the fact that I know this team a lot better. I know who we are. I think we were kind of a little embarrassed about how things went down. We’re not that team.”

Ryan went on to say he expects a better showing out of his team Monday night, specifically a more disciplined one in light of how the Bills were flagged 14 times for 140 yards in the previous outing against the Patriots.

The blustery Bills head coach showed some surprising candor earlier this week when he essentially conceded the AFC East division crown to the undefeated Patriots. It’s clear that Ryan is more than eager to get yet another crack at conquering the Patriots, his main nemesis throughout his head coaching career. Although it does appear that the pressure of it all might be beginning to wear on him ahead of the match-up.