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Kirk Cousins knows he lacks the dance moves of Cam Newton


One of the biggest talkers of the week in the NFL is the controversy stemming from Cam Newton’s extended “dab” dance last Sunday. With the Washington Redskins set to visit Bank of America Stadium Sunday for a showdown with Carolina Panthers, Kirk Cousins was asked about Newton’s dance skills and how his moves stack up in comparison.

The Redskins quarterback acknowledged he lacks the requisite rhythm needed to break out the choreographed celebrations Newton routinely displays. But then again, he’s now known for a celebration that’s nearly as widely recognized.

“I know he has a lot more rhythm than I do, and that lends itself to having more freedom with your ability to celebrate,” Cousins said, via the Charlotte Observer. “I kind of am restricted to only a few things, which include yelling ‘you like that.’ If I had more rhythm I would love to be a little more creative. But unfortunately I don’t.”

Cousins of course is referring to his now-famous impromptu celebration following the Washington’s win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in which he yelled into the camera, “YOU LIKE THAT!!”

Newton became the center of an overwrought controversy over his post-touchdown dance moves during Carolina’s win last Sunday, a celebration that drew the ire of Tennessee Titans players and inspired one fan to pen an open letter to Newton in which she claimed his “pelvic thrusts,” “chest puffs” and “arrogant struts” had a negative impact on the delicate sensibilities of her young daughter.

Newton has since defended his touchdown celebrations in light of the criticism, arguing they take him to his “happy place.”

The only question is whether the Redskins had Robert Griffin III — who is playing the role of Newton on the team’s scout team ahead of the match-up — bust out the “dab” during practice. Probably not.