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Jerry Jones admits he ‘tried to get cute at the QB spot’


Jerry Jones caused some significant eye-rolling earlier this season when he lavished praise upon Brandon Weeden prior to his first start as Tony Romo’s replacement, saying that “you won’t see a more gifted passer” than the Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback.

The Cowboys owner has now recognized the error in his ways — not too mention how thick he laid on the hyperbole with his comments about Weeden — by admitting he may have been too clever for his own good in trying to replace Romo, who went down with a broken collarbone in Week 2.

“I’ve tried to get cute at the QB spot,” Jones conceded during an appearance on Dallas’ 105.3 the Fan, via Eye on Football.

Weeden was benched after going winless in his three-start stint as the Cowboys starting quarterback and was replaced by Matt Cassel … who went on to lose all four of his starts.

Still, despite Cassel’s absolute lack of success as it relates to the win column, Jones intimated that he somehow believes the Cowboys would have won the games Weeden started had Cassel been playing in his stead.

Hindsight is of course 20/20, but even Jones cannot honestly believe that Cassel would have definitely won those games, no matter how much he wants to hint at it.

Weeden was released by the Cowboys earlier this week, and Jones’ comments seem like the proverbial rubbing salt in the wound.

Still, the roster move paved the way for Romo’s presumed triumphant return in a must-win tilt against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. It’s obviously a positive development for the Cowboys and it is certainly having a positive effect on Jones.

“I found myself singing in the shower a little bit this morning,” Jones said.