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Gregg Popovich blasts petition calling for school to be named after him


Gregg Popovich has left an indelible mark upon the city of San Antonio during his wildly successful tenure as head coach of the Spurs, and one of the town’s residents has created a formal petition requesting that a local high school change its name to properly pay tribute to the NBA head coach.

And Popovich doesn’t like it one bit.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he said. “Are you serious?”

Emmanuel Casasola has posted a petition online in which he suggests that Robert E. Lee High School’s name be changed to honor the man affectionately referred to as Pop. He acknowledges it “may come off as a joke,” but points out that Popovich is ”loved and revered all over the country as the best coach in all of sports.” Further, the coach’s “capacity for leadership, personnel development, and work ethic should be something we teach our kids to strive for and should be honored.”

Not so fast, says Pop, calling the notion “ridiculous.”

“I would hope that you would use all your muscle, whatever you have to squash that ridiculous idea as soon as humanly possible,” Popovich joked, via ESPN. “Squash that ridiculous idea right now. That’s just laughable. That’s ridiculous. That’s all I can think of; absolutely ridiculous.”

There is no doubt Popovich is revered and beloved figure in San Antonio, not to mention the NBA world at-large. Winning five NBA championships — and doing so in his patented no-nonsense, unapologetic manner — will do that.

Still, Popovich suggests the petition is representative of “that obsession America has with celebrity” and how it causes people to “attach to you qualities that are not there or glory you don’t deserve, all that kind of crap.”

“I don’t need anything named after me,” he added.

Despite Popovich’s protests, the petition already has garnered over 1,500 signatures.