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Student teased over shoes given pair of LeBrons by classmate (vid)


A young student who was being bullied and teased by his peers over his shoes was presented with a brand-new pair of Nike LeBrons by a fellow classmate.

The video, posted to Facebook, of the youngster giving the bullied boy the shoes certainly is one of the nicest, heartwarming things you’ll see all day.

OK that was a grown up move… Kids was getting bullied and ragged on about his shoes…. so another student bought him some Lebron’s the next day…???????

Posted by Miguel Marquize Howell on Sunday, November 15, 2015

The boy who later gifted the teased youngster the new pair of sneakers apparently was so upset over how his classmate was being treated that he went home from school and begged his mom to help. The next day, the boy presented his classmate with the new shoes and in turn, at least partially restored our faith in the potential for goodness in humankind.

The video has been liked over 150,000 times on Facebook and shared nearly 200,00 additional times.

Even LeBron James took notice of the touching gesture documented in the video, sharing it on Instagram and writing, “A kid gifted a pair of @kingjames shoes to a classmate that was bullied because of his shoes … You’re going to great places kid for your generosity towards him. True leadership right there!”

Indeed it is, King James. Indeed it is.