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Jason Pierre-Paul contacts young fan who had fingers amputated


If there’s one person who knows what Seamus Bohannon, an 11-year-old boy from Folsom, Pa., is going through, it’s Jason Pierre-Paul.

Bohannon recently had parts of two of his fingers amputated after he got his hand entangled in a bike chain earlier this month. The youngster’s plastic surgeon suggested he look up the story of the New York Giants superstar, who lost his right index finger and parts of two others as a result of a horrible Fourth of July fireworks accident.

Bohannon’s sister Janie actually reached out to Pierre-Paul via social media and requested he contact her brother to offer some encouragement.

Imagine the family’s surprise when Pierre-Paul responded to the plea, setting up a FaceTime session on Tuesday night.

“This guy, he didn’t have to do that,” Seamus’ mother, Christine Bohannon, said of Pierre-Paul’s thoughtful gesture, per “We were just taken aback by it. My son is in his glory right now. Just the fact that someone was reaching out to him.”

Bohannon expressed concern that he would be teased by people over the appearance of his hand, to which Pierre-Paul told the young man, “Don’t listen to other people.”

The prevailing message of Pierre-Paul’s motivation chat?

“Stay strong. Stay tough and you have to work hard at it,” the boy’s mother said.

The fact that Pierre-Paul actually took the time to not only provide words of encouragement to the youngster but also engage in a FaceTime chat with him wasn’t lost upon his mother.

“It was a great thing for my son,” she said. “The biggest thing was the smile. He couldn’t stop smiling.”

(top image via Janie Bohannon/Twitter)