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Cam Newton says TD celebrations take him to ‘a happy place’


The fallout of Cam Newton’s extended celebratory touchdown dance in the Carolina Panthers’ 27-10 win over the Tennessee Titans last Sunday continued into another day as the quarterback was asked Wednesday about the controversy stemming from it.

Simply put, Newton, who said he meant no disrespect with his dancing — although several Titans players certainly were offended — insists that dancing and celebrating after touchdowns has a very special outcome for him personally.

“It takes me to a happy place,” he said of his celebrations, via ESPN. “I remember when I was in high school I used to look up to guys and mimic [them]. Now they’re doing the things I do.

“People are looking at you whether you want them or not. When I see people do the celebration I do, it makes me happy.”

Newton’s most recent touchdown celebration has been the source of much debate this week, even inspiring a Titans fan who attended the game to pen an open letter to the quarterback to bemoan the “pelvic thrusts,” “chest puffs” and “arrogant struts” that comprised Newton’s antics, something that she claims negatively affected the delicate sensibilities of her nine-year-old daughter.

The mother, Rosemary Plorin of Nashville, Tenn., cited Newton’s position as a role model as reason to castigate him for his celebratory revelry.

Newton was asked about Plorin’s hard-line stance critical of his dancing.

“Everybody is entitled to their own opinion,” he said. “I can’t fault her for that. It is what it is. I’ll apologize to her, but at the end of the day I am who I am.”