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Andy Dalton: Reaction to J.J. Watt’s comment ‘not warranted’


Andy Dalton admits he overreacted to J.J. Watt’s sly slight in the wake of the Cincinnati Bengals’ disappointing 10-6 loss to the Houston Texans on Monday night, saying his response “wasn’t warranted” and that “there’s no feud” between himself and the superstar defensive lineman.

“What I did wrong is that I responded to what somebody said that he said,” Dalton said Wednesday, via ESPN “I never even heard his interview. So I don’t know the context in which it was said. I don’t know what he said before, I don’t know what he said after. My part, I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did without hearing what he said and actually hearing what he said. I was responding to what an interviewer tells me he said.

“My reaction wasn’t warranted just because again, I haven’t seen it. I’m not going to watch, I don’t care. I’ve got no ill will towards J.J. There’s no feud between me and J.J. We lost the game. He said what he said, and we’re moving on. That’s in the past now.”

During post-game comments made to ESPN’s Lisa Salters, Watt made a reference to Dalton’s red hair by invoking a reference to the holiday classic, “A Christmas Story,” saying, “Our goal was to come out here and make the Red Rifle look like a Red Ryder BB Gun, and I think we did that.”

During his post-game comments, Dalton was asked about what Watt had to say. He praised Watt as “a good player” but then questioned his integrity, calling his comments “disappointing,” among other things.

Dalton’s comments came off as confusing and uninformed at best, petty and embittered at worst. But he was coming off a loss that ruined the Bengals’ undefeated season, so perhaps his frustration and emotion as understandable. Further, he has since owned up to his mistake and simply wants to move on.