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Rex Ryan: Headset issues during Thursday’s game ‘frustrating’


Rex Ryan led his Buffalo Bills into MetLife Stadium on Thursday night and came out with a 22-17 over the New York Jets, a team he served as head coach for six seasons. While the taste of victory was undoubtedly sweet — and Ryan’s antics and comments following the game certainly made that abundantly clear — there was one issue that occurred during the game that was still sticking in the coach’s craw a day after the victory.

Ryan says the Bills experienced issues with their headsets throughout the game, blaming the technical difficulties for a myriad of issues. And Ryan bemoaned the frustrating experience on Friday.

“Pretty frustrating,” Ryan told reporters, via Pro Football Talk. “If we knew the answer we wouldn’t have the problems and it’s just unbelievable because we let the clock run out on us a few times. We had to take a bunch of timeouts based on that. It’s just hard to . . . I mean we have no idea what it is. It’s just sometimes it goes out, sometimes it doesn’t. I think it’s our responsibility as a team and we’ve had. . . . I think we only had one issue with the defense. So it’s more been about the offense and the bad thing is, it comes up at certain times in the game in critical situations it seems like. I have no answer for it.”

What makes Ryan’s experiences at MetLife Stadium Thursday so potentially compelling — in a word — is the fact that the Bills next travel to Gillette Stadium for a showdown with the New England Patriots for a Monday night showdown on Nov. 23.

Not only has Bill Belichick served as Ryan’s greatest nemesis — not to mention the Patriots serving as the team that has tormented Ryan the most throughout his entire head coaching career — headset issues at New England’s home stadium arose when the Pittsburgh Steelers visited there earlier this season, although the Patriots were ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing.

Either way, it will certainly provide some fodder for Ryan to discuss in the days leading up to the match-up.

Buckle up.