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NFL to consider colorblindness for future ‘Color Rush’ games


Not only were the “Color Rush” uniforms donned by the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets roundly criticized for their somewhat off-putting appearance, the all-red and all-green uniforms worn by the two teams respectively also made it extremely difficult for people with colorblindness to follow the action on the field. The NFL has since indicated that it will take the experiences of folks who are colorblind into account in the future.

With red-green colorblindness being the most common form of colorblindness, the uniforms used by the Bills and Jets obviously presented a huge issue to people with colorblindness, the NFL was confronted with an issue it presumably never envisioned.

“The Color Rush jerseys are a test for four games this season, the first of which was last night,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Pro Football Talk by email. “We did test the jerseys this summer on field and on television. The standard television test did not account for color blindness for fans at home that became apparent last night. We will enhance our testing to include a color blindness analysis to better address this issue in the future.”

As noted in the PFT report, there are three remaining games on the schedule featuring the “Color Rush” uniform theme: Week 11 (Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars), Week 12 (Carolina Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys) and in Week 15 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. St. Louis Rams). It’s unclear if the design of the uniforms for these games will have a negative viewing impact on colorblind people.

(image via Yahoo Sports)