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Derek Jeter refuses to divulge plans for wedding to Hannah Davis

Playing it in his typical close-to-the-vest manner, Derek Jeter remained steadfast in his refusal to divulge any plans concerning his upcoming marriage to supermodel Hannah Davis.

The New York Yankees legend was in attendance at former manager Joe Torre’s “Safe at Home” gala when he rejected a reporter’s request for details about the impending nuptials.

“You know I ain’t … Come on, man,” he said, via the New York Daily News.

When informed by the reporter that it was their job to ask, Jeter countered with, “You don’t have to,” before joking that he would be happy to give any reporter a job if they got in trouble with their editor.

Jeter also was asked about rumors that longtime teammate Jorge Posada would be enlisted as his best man.

“I haven’t seen Jorge in a while. I’ve got to see him,” said Jeter to deflect the question.

Fiercely protective of his personal life throughout his lengthy big league career, Jeter somehow managed to keep his personal life — to a certain extent — out of the New York gossip pages during his time in New York. So, it’s no surprise he’s not tipping his hand about anything regarding the wedding, either.

Jeter immediately rebuffed rumors that he had become engaged to Davis as soon as rumors began to surface last month about him and the supermodel taking the leap into matrimony, saying, “I’ve always felt as though your private life is private.”

Davis was shortly thereafter spotted wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring while out on a stroll. Jeter finally confirmed he was engaged, albeit in a sly manner, by mentioning it as an aside in a heartfelt column penned for The Players’ Tribune … about his dog.