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Tyler Seguin discusses fan who cried after he gave her a puck


Dallas Stars center Tyler Seguin became the star of a viral video earlier this week when the simple act of tossing a puck to a young fan in the stands brought the girl to tears. It turns out he got the chance to meet the emotional young lady after Tuesday’s 5-3 win over the Boston Bruins at TD Garden.

The fan was holding up a sign during the game that read, “My only wish for my Sweet 16 is to see Tyler Seguin.” Not only did that happen, Seguin made her birthday by tossing her a puck.

The young lady, named Katherine, then got a chance to meet her hockey hero after the game.

Seguin made an appearance on KTCK-FM The Ticket Wednesday where he discussed what it’s like to have such a simple gesture go such a long way to a fan.

Yeah, a lot of fans have signs and stuff, warm-ups is usually the only time you can look around see stuff, and I happened to see that sign saying it was her ‘Sweet 16’ so I threw her a puck,” he said via The Dallas Morning News. “I didn’t see the immediate reaction, but I saw it online after. Then the Stars PR told me she was sitting on the glass, so we got her to come down after the game because she was pretty excited and I got to meet her.

“I grew up with that as a hockey fan, too. I know the feeling. I think there’s things you don’t need to do, but go a long way, and they put a smile on your face, as well.”

In other words, everybody wins. Especially 16-year-old Katherine.