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Rex Ryan: Dolphins’ Dan Campbell only coach he couldn’t ‘whip’


With the fact he’ll be staring across the field at him during Sunday’s showdown, Rex Ryan jokingly mentioned that Miami Dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell is the only coach in the league that he believes he couldn’t beat in a fight.

The often-blustery Buffalo Bills head coach who is prone to pseudo-psychological warfare via acts of intimidation and gamesmanship throughout his career, insists there’s no chance that’s happening with Campbell because he’d ever dream of mixing it up with the 39-year-old former NFL tight end.

“Most times when I go across field I can whip most head coaches, but I ain’t whipping that one,” he said laughing, via ESPN. “I’m not even trying to whip that one. He’s a big dude, man. I’m 52 years old. I’d like to see 53.”

Ryan clearly is a big fan of the Dolphins interim head coach, as he mentioned during a conference call with Miami media Wednesday that he once attempted to lure Campbell away from the Dolphins during his head coaching tenure with the New York Jets.

“People that know Campbell has obviously been extremely impressed with him,” he said. “When I see his team, I get it. I see they’re going more two tight-end personnel, pounding the ball in there.”

In three games since taking over for the ousted Joe Philbin, Campbell has re-energized the Dolphins organization while leading the team off the brink of a disappointing season with a 2-1 record. The Dolphins appear to have taken on the personality of their interim coach, playing with a fire and intensity unseen during Philbin’s tenure.

And yet, the Dolphins are still 3-4, the same record as Ryan’s Bills. Whichever team comes out on top Sunday obviously will be in a much better position to salvage a disappointing start, given both squads share the cellar in the AFC East.

But no matter who comes out on top, obviously don’t expect any fisticuffs at midfield when Ryan and Campbell exchange handshakes after the game. Those kind of things of course never happen. And even if they did, Ryan simply knows better.