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LeBron James blames ripping t-shirt jersey on frustration


LeBron James again expressed frustration with the t-shirt-sleeved jerseys, this time ripping the sleeves away from his biceps amid a rough shooting night during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 96-86 win over the New York Knicks. James after the game tried to downplay the sleeve-ripping incident, blaming it more on frustration than anything else but then acknowledging he may have a “mental” issue with the jerseys.

“I was just frustrated with myself,” James said, via Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Joe Varndon. “I was just off rhythm tonight and the jersey was the only thing I could go to. I couldn’t do nothing to my face.”

James finished with 23 points in the victory but he struggled with his shot. When he ripped the sleeves during the second quarter following a missed three-pointer, James was 4-for-11 from the field. He finished 9-of-23 for the game.

James acknowledged that he gave his go-ahead — no big surprise — before the Cavaliers decided to have players wear the jerseys, adding that he practiced in one in anticipation. He conceded his issue with the alternate jersey probably is all in his head, then went on to say how much he likes them.

“I don’t know, it might be mental, man,” he said. “That’s OK. The jerseys are nice, we love the jerseys, the black looks great. It’s been a while since this franchise has worn black, so it’s great to be out there and wear those uniforms.

“I was just, I was in my own way, I was a little frustrated with my shot and couldn’t make a bucket, so like I said I had to take it out on something.”

James previously expressed his disdain for the sleeved jerseys during his tenure with the Miami Heat. In 2014, James flat-out stated he does not like them.

James went on to say that it matters little what he thinks personally of the jerseys anyway.

“If the fans love them, I love them. I think that’s all it’s about,” he said.

That LeBron. Always the savvy marketer and sage businessman.