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Rory McIlroy gives fan an old driver following Facebook request


A Rory McIlroy fan on Facebook learned that a little groveling on social media can occasionally reap huge rewards. It all depends on who you ask and how you go about doing it.

Barry Edwards, likely joking and in no way believing his plea for a new driver from McIlroy would pay dividends, posted a message on the golf superstar’s Facebook page requesting a new club, perhaps one of McIlroy’s old ones, even.

Well, McIlroy apparently reads comments on his Facebook page — at least on occasion (or has someone on his team do so) — and replied to Edwards’ request (image via reddit/golf).


While this is all well and good for Edwards if he does in fact receive said driver, the generous act probably will cause McIlroy — or someone on his team — to be further inundated with endless requests from fans for some of his old golf gear.