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Matthew Stafford backs coach’s ‘dungeon of doom’ media comments


While he didn’t use the same colorful terminology as Jim Caldwell, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford more or less agreed with his head coach’s assessment that the local media has been unduly negative of late about the team.

At 1-7, the Lions again are in the midst of yet another disappointing season. Caldwell earlier this week bemoaned the negativity that pervades his sessions with reporters and did so by equating the media room with a “dungeon of doom.”

“Negativity has always been here from you all’s standpoint,” Caldwell said on Tuesday, via “From the media, that’s always been part of it. That’s the first thing I think you notice here. I think I call it the dungeon of doom when I walk into that room sometimes. That hasn’t changed.”

Stafford, who also happens to be suffering through one of his most disappointingnot to mention trying — seasons of his career, agreed with Caldwell’s somber assessment.

“I don’t have the experience that coach Caldwell does, not only in this league, but in life, but I would back that,” Stafford said on “The Mitch Albom Show,” as transcribed by “The second we’re 0-4, it’s like, ‘Hey, do you remember 0-16?’ to all the guys that were there. Things like that. That’s the fact of the matter, in 2008, they went 0-16. I understand the factual aspect of that question, but 0-4 is 0-4, it’s not 0-16. That kind of stuff happens quite often. Then you’re on a winning streak and it’s, ‘Are they for real?’ Things like that.”

The Lions’ propensity to either fall well below expectations or fail miserably season after season obviously can have a negative impact upon reporters who cover the team, even the most well-seasoned and impartial of them. It’s hardly a shock that when Caldwell or any other member of the coaching staff or team meets the media they will be faced with tough questions about the team’s struggles. While the head coach may have a point that it’s been a severely somber environment of late, it shouldn’t be all that surprising.