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Cavs GM: LeBron has ‘biggest voice’ in organization outside owner


Even if those in positions of power argued otherwise, it’s long been understood that ever since LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the superstar — while not afforded any titles to indicate such — has served as the team’s de facto player-coach-general manager. Cavs general manager David Griffin now has essentially confirmed as much.

A recent profile in ESPN the Magazine chronicles how James’ fingerprints are all over the organization. While Griffin concedes that to a certain extent, he indicated it would be foolish not to rely upon the superstar’s wide-ranging talents and basketball acumen.

Griffin recently spelled out how James — an “absolute basketball savant” in the general manager’s words — more or less possesses the most powerful voice in the organization outside of team owner Dan Gilbert.

“He’s going to have the biggest voice, he’s the most important, accomplished player in the league and he’s an absolute basketball savant,” Griffin said, via Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher. “He has the most thorough understanding of X’s and O’s on the floor and best mind for the game off the floor of any human being I’ve ever known. Coach, front-office person, anything. It would be crazy for me not to consult with him on what we want to do.”

While Griffin’s comments certainly indicate that James is running the show in Cleveland for all intents and purposes, the general manager stops short of saying King James is a tyrannical figure atop the organization’s power structure.

“The idea of him dictating things is not how he is,” he said. “That [ESPN] article puts him in such a terrible light. It is not a factual representation of how he’s carried himself. It’s just not.”

It makes perfect sense for the Cavaliers to rely heavily upon James’ expertise in all matters concerning the basketball side of the operation, especially given he’s demonstrated a savvy knack concerning such things. Further, the Cavaliers fully understand that James’ mere presence gives the organization not only legitimacy but also a real chance to compete for an NBA title year in, year out.

In other words, it’s a mutually beneficial situation.