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Skip Bayless trolls ‘all those blind Aaron Rodgers worshipers’

2010 -- Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless, one of the most notorious provocateurs and/or trolls currently on the sports media landscape, surely got Cheesehead Nation riled up by suggesting Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is overrated.

“When are you and all those blind Aaron Rodgers worshipers, mostly in Packer Nation, when are you going to wake up?” Bayless asked Monday from the soapbox afforded him on ESPN’s “First Take” program, via For the Win. “When are you going to realize that the bad man is just not that good, especially when it matters most?”

Bayless seized the opportunity to lambaste Rodgers in the wake of one of the quarterback’s worst performances in years, a pedestrian 14-for-22 performance in the Packers’ ugly 29-10 loss to the Denver Broncos in which he passed for only 77 yards and didn’t throw a touchdown.

But Bayless arguably is going out on quite the limb to even make the argument that Rodgers “is just not that good.” Rodgers’ pedigree, success and statistical accomplishments rank him among the best quarterbacks in the NFL. And while it’s fair to point out Rodgers didn’t play his best game, it did come on the road against arguably the NFL’s best defense. Further, another one of the reasons Rodgers’ play seemed so bad is that it is going to be measured against his typically stellar game-in, game-out performances.

Mostly, though, this is simply a case of Skip Bayless being Skip Bayless, who more often than not seems to enjoy eliciting an impassioned response, even if he’s roundly criticized for his comments. So long as people are talking about him and his “provocative” opinions, Bayless appears to be fine with it.