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Multiple 49ers players reportedly want Colin Kaepernick benched


It’s getting so bad for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick that some of his teammates are actually texting NFL reporters and calling for his benching.

Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reports that two 49ers players sent him a text message following the team’s 27-6 loss to the St. Louis Rams in which they suggested it’s time to pull the struggling Kaepernick from the lineup, although neither player reportedly suggested that the benching should be permanent.

“Two 49ers players texted me and said after this game that it is time for Colin Kaepernick to be benched,” Cole reported, per Eye on Football. “This game lost to the Rams was the tipping point in a series of events that have been building and building and building to this point. What these players say is they don’t want Kaepernick’s to be out of the plans for the 49ers. But simply put they think he needs time on the bench to clear his head, get himself straight so he understands what the offense is trying to do and what he can do to make it work.”

Kaepernick has been erratic at best this season, completing less than 60 percent of his passes. He has thrown only six touchdown passes to go along with five interceptions and five fumbles (one lost). He has also taken 28 sacks.

Granted, sacks aren’t solely Kaepernick’s fault, but it is nevertheless an indication that the 49ers offense is a total mess with Kaepernick running the show. The fact that he serves as a lightning rod — two of his teammates even got into a “heated” exchange over him — isn’t helping matters, either. Throw in the fact that unnamed teammates reportedly are texting reporters and it’s a bad situation all around.

Sunday’s game, in which Kaepernick went 20-for-41 for 162 yards and no touchdowns, appears to have been the final straw.

At 2-6, the 49ers aren’t going anywhere this season. The team will have to decide if it is best for Kaepernick to take his lumps and work his way out of a slump or is it better to sit him a spell to “clear his head,” as two of his teammates reportedly suggested.