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Tony Parker misses Spurs shootaround, had pretty good reason (pic)


Tony Parker was a no-show for the San Antonio Spurs’ shootaround ahead of Friday’s tilt with the Brooklyn Nets at AT&T Center. While these kind of things happen to professional athletes from time to time — and usually results in criticism of the player for not taking their job seriously — the veteran point guard provided photographic evidence that he actually had a legitimate reason for being absent.

Parker, courtesy of a tweet from Tim Morrow, who handles the Spurs’ courtside stats, showed that an impassable, washed out road presumably nearby his home made it impossible for him to make it to shootaround.

The San Antonio area was hammered by storms — and perhaps even a tornado — Friday morning and a deluge of rain clearly made travel a dicey proposition.

Hopefully, Gregg Popovich understood and won’t punish Parker too severely over his absence. Actually, given Pop’s lackadaisical approach to actually playing veterans during actual games in the regular season, it’s arguably surprising he even expects the older guys on the team to show up for shootarounds in the first place.