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Russell Wilson dedicates 10 hours a week to getting massages


Russell Wilson says part of the process of staying healthy in light of the punishment he takes every week on the field is to devote a lot of time off of it throughout the week for rest, rehab and rejuvenation. And that includes dedicating 10 hours of his weekly routine solely for massages.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback’s weekly massage routine entails two five-hour sessions and he argues the sessions are integral in preparing his body for the wear and tear that is part and parcel of being an NFL player.

“I think just taking care of your body is really important, especially when you’re playing in the NFL,” Wilson said, via ESPN. “You’ve got to take care of yourself, stretch-up time, do everything that you can to be ready and feel your best every week. I’ve done that really since my rookie year, just continue to make sure I take care of my body and ready to go for the game.”

Wilson was asked how he finds the time each week to devote so much time to massages.

“It’s a big part of being a professional, being a professional athlete, is taking care of yourself,” he said. “It’s kind of a major part, so it’s not like finding time. It’s really just in the schedule. It’s one of those things that you have to make sure you get that done.”

NFL players throughout the week spend a lot of time in the trainer’s room receiving treatment. And quarterbacks in particular also spend countless hours in meeting rooms reviewing film, game-planning etc. Still, teams will help facilitate whatever a player needs to get his body prepared for the rigorous grind of playing the game of football.

Wilson has been sacked a league-high 31 times this season and as a running quarterback, he tends to absorb more hits than the standard pocket-passer. If 10 hours of massages are what it takes for him to feel ready to go on game day, so be it.

It goes without saying that plenty of Recovery Water, Wilson’s “miracle” drink, probably is part of the process as well.