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Stephen Curry trolls Rockets’ Ty Lawson over criticism of defense


Stephen Curry, along with the entire Golden State Warriors roster, are refusing to let any perceived slight go unchallenged as they embark upon a defense of their NBA title. The latest victim of the team’s prideful, trolling ways is new Houston Rockets point guard Ty Lawson, who criticized Curry’s defense during last season’s Western Conference Finals showdown between his new team and the Warriors.

Lawson suggested the only reason Curry was able to do so much damage offensively against the Rockets is because no one on the team challenged him on the defensive side of the court.

“Steph Curry needed someone to go back at him,” Lawson told Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski in September. “I thought Steph was just chillin’ on defense – and then going crazy on offense. He looked like he was just putting shots up and not working so much on the defensive end. He would just come down and hit three or four 3’s. He can shoot when he’s got his legs under him.”

Of course, Curry had something sarcastic to say about Lawson’s criticism.

According to a tweet from ESPN’s Ethan Strauss, here’s what the Warriors sharpshooter had to say about Lawson’s comments when asked what it will take to beat the Rockets this season.

“I guess the only thing is I’ll have to play defense this year,” he quipped.

As noted, the Warriors don’t appear inclined to allow any potshots, criticisms or barbs go unnoticed. Curry, perhaps most, has defended the integrity of the Warriors title on repeated occasions, from ripping a trolling Skip Bayless to how he found it “funny” that his team wasn’t immediately inserted as championship favorites during the offseason. He also responded in kind to James Harden’s argument that he should have been the MVP and just recently sarcastically apologized for the Warriors’ success.

But perhaps the most controversial of commentary came from Draymond Green, who compared critics of the team to “bitter females” in an unflattering quote.

All in all, it’s clear that the Warriors are ready, willing and able to come out swinging against anyone who dare disparage the team or their championship.