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Royals superfan Paul Rudd says it’s ‘okay’ if Mets win World Series


Paul Rudd became the biggest celebrity superfan of the Kansas City Royals during the team’s unpredictable march to the World Series last season. Now that the Royals have found their way back to the Fall Classic once again, Rudd, even with the sting of last year’s loss to the San Francisco Giants still fresh in his mind, said it would be “okay” if the New York Mets won it all.

Granted, the Royals are better positioned to win it all this season after taking the first two at Kauffman Stadium in thrilling and dominant fashion, respectively, in Games 1 and 2. Rudd even stuck around for all 14 innings in the Royals’ thrilling 5-4 victory on Tuesday night.

“Game 1 was a blast. It’s been really exciting to watch this season and realize (2014) wasn’t a fluke. This is a really, really good team,” Rudd said of his favorite ball club, per the New York Daily News. “The Mets are a great team, too. I live in New York and I feel like these two teams share a similarity in style of play.”

Rudd spent some of his formative years growing up in Overland Park, Kan., before attending the University of Kansas. He insists he remains loyal to the Royals but has an affinity for the Mets nonetheless.

“I’ve always liked the Mets. It isn’t just sucking up,” he said. “If the Royals were to lose to the Mets in this series, that’s okay. The Giants (last year) hurt. That being said, I’m pulling for the Royals all the way. But Mets fans and Royals fans, they have had a shared kind of frustration over the years.”

Rudd’s rise to becoming “Royals Celebrity Superfan Numero Uno” was spawned when he was spotted celebrating on the field after the Royals completed their four-game sweep of the Baltimore Orioles in last season’s ALCS when he famously invited everyone over to his mom’s house for a kegger. It’s safe to say the keg bash at Rudd’s mom’s house is on again — not really — should the Royals win it all.