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Former NFL stars slam Greg Hardy for sideline outburst


Bill Romanowski and Bart Scott both recently weighed in on the recent Greg Hardy controversy and both former NFL superstars — and purported hotheads themselves — joined the chorus of critics and didn’t hold back when slamming the mercurial Dallas Cowboys defensive end.

Both former defensive side standouts were specifically discussing Hardy’s sideline antics during last Sunday’s 27-20 loss to the New York Giants when he got in the face of special teams players and the unit’s coach, Rich Bisaccia. Hardy later upped the ante and got physical with Bisaccia.

The Cowboys, specifically head coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones, did their best to quell the controversy, but the Hardy and the Cowboys were roundly criticized respectively for his behavior and the organization’s seemingly staunch defense of his conduct.

Romanowski, who said the Cowboys’ reaction was an effort at “saving face a little bit,” said he wouldn’t have stood for Hardy’s behavior had he been a teammate.

“No it wouldn’t have gone well,” Romanowski said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench, via Eye on Football. “I absolutely would have stepped in and we might have had to go to blows. I don’t know who’d win that fight because he’s a mean, nasty man, but I’ll tell you what, I would have shut his ass up. I would have made sure he got in order. The last thing you want to do is hurt your football team being selfish like he was on the sidelines, disrespecting coaches, disrespecting teammates, and disrespecting the game of football and fans.”

Scott, meanwhile, called Hardy “immature” and characterized him as “a guy that just doesn’t get it.” He also made it clear he and Hardy would have issues if they were teammates, specifically citing his time with the Baltimore Ravens.

“Me and him would have an issue,” Scott said on on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show, via For the Win. “That’s why you got to have a strong locker room if you want to bring in these type of personalities. He wouldn’t have did that with Ed Reed, (Terrell) Suggs. He wouldn’t have did that with myself, Haloti (Ngata). That wouldn’t have went down in that locker room. We would have explained to him real quick — or we would have personally packed his stuff.”