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Sammy Watkins blasts social media critics: ‘You’ll forever be losers’


Sammy Watkins fired back at social media critics who evidently have been givingĀ  him grief over the fact he has missed three of the Buffalo Bills’ seven games this season due to a handful of injuries, calling those ripping him “losers” and telling them to “get a life.”

Watkins missed Sunday’s 34-31 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in London due to an ankle injury and apparently had enough with those critical of his injury woes and unleashed a regrettable salvo in a since-deleted post to Instagram.

Of course, nothing on the Internet is never truly erased, and Watkins’ tirade was captured for posterity on Twitter.

The wide receiver’s fiery comments were subsequently transcribed — and edited for clarity — by Shutdown Corner.

“To all the people who have a problem with me being injured: You guys go out there and play this sport. It’s a 100 percent injury rate. I’m not the first or last person who’s going to be injured. The difference between me and you guys is you’re mad and I’m not. Get a life and go to work. Stop worrying about my job, because I’m good on this end and you’ll forever be losers. Most of you just wish to be in this position, so continue working your little jobs for the rest of your lives. Since everyone wants a response here, you got one. Have a blessed day.”

Watkins has since taken to Twitter in an attempt to clarify his arguably misguided comments in a tweet that also was subsequently deleted.

“Message wasn’t for fans for whomever have a problem with athletes being injured,” Watkins wrote.

It’s always an ill-advised endeavor for a professional athlete to engage critics on social media, as it is often the case that more bad can come from it than good. To go so far as to insult naysayers by calling them “losers” — as Watkins did — makes the situation infinitely worse, prompting deleted posts and half-hearted, arguably insincere, backtracking.