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Derek Jeter on reported engagement to Hannah Davis: ‘No comment’

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Derek Jeter, who isn’t as frequently subjected to endless inquiries about his personal life now that he’s retired, faced the firing line only a day after reports surfaced indicating he and Hannah Davis had become recently engaged.

And with the skill he cultivated and perfected in two decades of playing in the media capital of the world, Jeter didn’t allow himself to be coerced into saying anything much about the rumors, declining to comment about anything with any specificity.

The former New York Yankees captain was making an appearance at a luncheon on Wednesday when he was confronted with questions about the rumored engagement to his longtime supermodel girlfriend during a two-and-a-half hour Q&A with Long Island Association President and CEO Kevin Law.

“In my career, I’ve always felt as though your private life is private,” he said, via the New York Daily News. “I don’t talk about it because I think some things you have to keep close to yourself. Some things are sacred. So I’ve never addressed anything in my private life.”

Jeter’s notoriously fierce protection of his privacy amazingly managed to keep his personal life — to a certain extent — out of the New York gossip pages during his Yankees career, so it’s no surprise he’s not tipping his hand about anything at this stage.

Reports of impending nuptials have long hounded the celebrity supercouple, going all the way back to when Davis was spotted wearing what was believed to be an engagement ring all the way back in the summer of 2013  and as recently as last fall.

When pressed further at the luncheon about the supposed engagement — he was asked, “All that notwithstanding, is it true?” — Jeter wouldn’t budge.

“No comment,” Jeter replied, sticking to his time-honored methods of how to avoid bad press.

He’s still got it.