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Andy Dalton’s wife asked if new hairstyle has improved his play

Andy Dalton is enjoying one of his finest seasons while leading the Cincinnati Bengals to a perfect 6-0 record and getting his name in the mix as a potential MVP candidate. In a recent write-up about the Bengals signal-caller, Dalton’s wife, Jordan, was asked if her husband’s new hairstyle — apparently a topic of conversation in Bengals Country — is having some impact upon his successful season thus far.

Not surprisingly, Jordan indicated she doesn’t believe the new ‘do is doing anything for Dalton on the field.

“How much has his hair done what?” the QB’s wife responded while laughing, before adding, “None at all.”

It was previously suggested by Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson that Dalton being booed at a charity softball game in Cincinnati over the summer inspired the quarterback. While that may be possible, a new haircut propelling an athlete to new heights? Probably not.

It is certainly a strange subject to discuss but Jordan Dalton nevertheless expanded upon her thoughts regarding her husband’s new look.

“He has some crazy cowlicks and some kinks in his hair, so he has a hairstyle now that works with everything that he’s got going on,” she said. “I don’t know if that’s related to anything on the field — I mean, maybe — but he does look good.”

There you have it. While Dalton’s new hairstyle — described in the report as “a less conservative and more modern hairstyle that lies somewhere between fauxhawk and simple fade” — is a nice look, it probably doesn’t have much to do with Dalton’s phenomenal start to the season.

Inquiring minds, apparently, wanted to know, though.

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