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Public libraries in Toronto, Kansas City continue Twitter trolling ways


A bit of smack talk erupted on Twitter from the unlikeliest of sources leading up to Wednesday’s Game 5 showdown between the Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays: The respective cities’ public library systems. And Round 2 of Twitter trolling continued following the Game’s conclusion.

And after the dust had settled and the Blue Jays managed to stave off elimination in the ALCS courtesy of a 7-1 victory, the wisenheimers operating the official Twitter account of the Toronto library system got the last laugh in a final bid at trolling their Kansas City counterparts.

The hijinks were accomplished by employees at the libraries arranging books in such a way that the titles along the spines imparted a smack-talk message regarding their opponent.

And here’s what the Toronto’s public library system tweeted out following the Blue Jays’ victory.

The Kansas City public library system responded in kind, although the message gleaned from the arrangement of books lacked the cohesiveness of Toronto’s missive.

For those playing catch-up, here’s who the Twitter smack talk showdown started ahead of Wednesday’s Game 5. It began with this from the Kansas City library:

To which the Toronto responded with this comeback:

With Game 6 of the ALCS not until Friday, there’s plenty of time for some more trolling. And as we all know, literary-based trolling is the best kind. Maybe.

(top image via Blue Jays/Twitter)