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Patriots delete trolling ‘Butt Fumble’ tweet that taunted Jets


The New England Patriots on Thursday morning arguably played against type when its official Twitter account posted a photo of the infamous Mark Sanchez “Butt Fumble” to taunt the New York Jets ahead of the teams’ showdown Sunday.

To put it more accurately, perhaps it was a rogue member of the Patriot’s social media team responsible for the taunting tweet, because as soon as the “Throwback Thursday” post began to generate some attention, it was removed from the team’s feed, although it has been preserved for posterity, as nothing can truly be deleted on the Internet.


No explanation was made for its removal nor should it be assumed one is forthcoming regarding the infamous play that occurred during a game between the teams on Thanksgiving in 2012 in a 49-19 blowout win for the Patriots.

The Patriots presumably felt it untoward to mock and ridicule an opponent over something that occurred several years ago. It’s simply not the Patriots’ style to engage in such shenanigans, especially since the organization as an overall entity fully embraces head coach Bill Belichick’s no-nonsense demeanor and humorless approach to such things.

Speaking of Belichick, one has to think that the individual or individuals behind the snarky stunt are subjected to a sit-down with the coach due to their shenanigans. Odds are they wouldn’t have jobs any longer if Coach Belichick had anything to say about it.

But in the end, it was all in good fun. Perhaps a bit mean-spirited, but nothing that warrants an apology by any means.