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Dez Bryant has a new pet monkey named ‘Dallas Bryant’ (pic)


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant hasn’t played in a game since suffering a foot injury in a Sept. 13 game and it appears he has filled some of that down time by getting acquainted with his new and unique pet.

Bryant, on the shelf now for weeks since he underwent a procedure to repair a fractured fifth metatarsal that included a bone graft and a screw being inserted into his right foot, introduced the world on Wednesday to his new, little pal: A monkey he has named, appropriately, “Dallas Bryant.” A nice name to be sure, but “Little Tony Romo” or “Jungle Jerry Jones” would have been nice options, too.

A photo posted by Dez Bryant (@dezbryant) on

Bryant dubs the teeny primate “my new best friend” in the Instragram post, and it’s hard to blame the wide receiver for so quickly developing an affinity for the little guy.

While Bryant has begun to increase the intensity of his workouts as he continues rehab, reports still vary between Bryant giving it a go Sunday against the New York Giants and sitting out one more week (although it appears he won’t play). Either way, one thing is certain: Let’s hope Bryant has a babysitter lined up to keep an eye on little Dallas Bryant.