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Cam Newton needles ‘comical’ media over incorrect predictions


Cam Newton has some ideas regarding how the so-called NFL punditry should be penalized for making incorrect predictions regarding the outcome of games, among other bold proclamations.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback, discussing how few experts predicted that the team would be 5-0, needled the media over how it happens all too often that many pundits and insiders end up completely wrong when making bold predictions, suggested a merit-based pay scale to help experts take their statements more seriously.

“No offense, but I find all media comical at times,” Newton said in a video posted on Black and Blue Review, as transcribed by “I think your guys’ profession, you can easily take back what you say. There’s no danger when somebody says it. … If it was a pay cut or if it was an incentive, if picking teams each and every week you may get a raise, I guarantee it, people would watching what they say then.

“They should have an incentive if you make a bold statement if you’re correct, you get an x-amount increase. But if you make a bold statement and it goes the other way, you get deducted. Going straight to the Cam Newton Foundation.”

Newton obviously is having a little fun with the notion that anyone really takes expert picks seriously or anything more than an amusing pregame aside. But it does appear that he takes it very seriously — and personally — that not many of the so-called experts believed the Panthers would be undefeated at this point of the season.

When asked if he could ever envision himself going to the other side and becoming a talking head himself, Newton declined.

“No sir. no sir,” he said. “I’m not a media guy. I don’t want my face to be on TV a lot.”

Something about how Newton carries himself makes it seem that might not be the case one bit.