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John Elway on Tom Brady, Deflategate debacle: ‘Who cares’

Count John Elway among those who believe Deflategate was much ado about nothing and how it was unfair that Tom Brady’s name and reputation got dragged through the mud during the subsequent investigation.

In other words, the Denver Broncos boss argues no one should even care whether a quarterback prefers footballs to be under-inflated or over-inflated.

The New England Patriots-Indianapolis Colts match-up on Sunday night provided for an arguable endgame to the Deflategate talk — although that likely won’t be the case — and Elway weighed in on the dragged-out scandal in an interview for this week’s “Monday Morning Quarterback.”

Elway, obviously an NFL quarterback legend and a first-ballot Hall of Famer, indicated to Peter King that he tested footballs at different inflation levels and his opinion is that the entire Deflategate debacle was overblown and unnecessary.

“I mean, it’s not that big a difference,” Elway¬†said. “It’s hard to tell the difference. Not a big enough difference to have the attention on this that it’s gotten. What I come down to is, does it really matter? Some guys like the ball a little softer. And if a guy likes a harder ball, that’s fine too. We want the quarterbacks to be as successful as they can be, and we want them to give the fans the best entertainment they can. Who cares if a quarterback likes it at 10 and a half? If that makes him play better, fine.”

Regardless of the role — or lack thereof — Brady played in the Deflategate scandal, Elway pointed out that the Patriots quarterback arguably is exacting his revenge on the entire league for how he was characterized throughout the entire investigation by playing lights out while leading the team to a 5-0 record.

“The last thing you want to do is poke the bear,” he said. “The bear got poked, and this is what happened.”