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Odell Beckham Jr. blows off Antonio Cromartie’s ‘one-year wonder’ talk


Odell Beckham Jr. on Thursday shrugged off some pointed criticism from New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie about how he’s a “one-year wonder.”

The second-year New York Giants wide receiver admits he hears the many criticisms sent his way, but insists he couldn’t care less what Cromartie has to say about him.

“There is so much stuff that goes on, it doesn’t really faze me … It doesn’t motivate me. It doesn’t do anything,” he said, via “No effect.”

Cromartie’s comments came last week during an appearance on ESPN. After he was asked to name his top three wide receivers in the NFL, Cromartie explained why the Giants wideout didn’t make the cut.

“Right now, [he’s] a one-year wonder,” Cromartie said. “I’m just being honest. It’s just one year. I need to see it on an every-game basis, not him getting penalties, or something like that, or sucker-punching somebody.”

The Jets corner is of course referring to how Beckham Jr. was fined $8,681 for throwing a punch at Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams during a Giants’ 24-10 win two weeks ago.

The Giants wideout is again dealing with a hamstring injury, something that temporarily derailed his sensational rookie season and hampered his preparations for this season during training camp. Beckham Jr., unlike in this situation, bristled at the criticism levied upon him during camp over his hamstring issues … from his Giants teammates.

Comments like those from Cromartie obviously involve some semblance of gamesmanship and smack talk, something players always try to use in an effort to get under an opponent’s skin. And opponents certainly seem to relish trying to rattle Beckham Jr. It was suggested by teammate Victor Cruz that Jacksonville Jaguars defenders were “gunning” for the second-year wide receiver during a game earlier this season. The young wide receiver vowed to “turn the other cheek” in such situations. It appears he’s keeping his word in response to Cromartie’s critical words.