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James Harden on if he wants to finish career with Rockets: ‘Definitely’


James Harden has made it abundantly clear he can’t envision playing for another team other than the Houston Rockets.

Coming off a phenomenal season that saw him come in second in MVP voting — something that still sticks in his craw — the Rockets star not surprisingly admits he’s “at a good stage right now” and is extremely eager to help lead his team to new heights beyond the conference finals appearance last season, primarily because of how much he loves being part of the organization.

“Everything is flowing,” he said, via the Houston Chronicle. “Everything is what I imagined it would be. My family is great. Friends. Everyone is in a good place right now.

“Obviously, my work place is amazing, people I’m surrounded with, that I come to work with every day. I’m in a happy place. Fans here in Houston show me so much love and support. Everything is flowing in a positive way right now. I’m all smiles.”

Given his happiness and his appreciation for Rockets and the team’s fans, Harden, signed to the team through the 2017-18 season, it’s not surprising his response to a question regarding if he wants to finish his career in Houston.

“Definitely,” he said. “Definitely it’s going to end here.”

Harden was considered an incredibly capable sixth man with arguably even more to offer during his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Since his pre-2012-13 regular season trade to the Rockets, he has experienced a meteoric rise to superstar status and perhaps even a perennial MVP candidate. It’s likely the sting of feeling cast aside by his former team has inspired an intense loyalty to the Rockets and serves as the main motivator for why he can’t imagine playing for any other NBA team.

At only 26, Harden has plenty of years left in his NBA career. Feelings obviously can change over time, but for right now, there’s no problem in Houston for Harden.