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Pete Carroll holds team meeting, preaches positivity


Pete Carroll held a team meeting Wednesday morning to discuss the myriad issues facing the team. The Seattle Seahawks were then entertained after practice by the visiting Kenyan Boys Choir. Perhaps most fitting about the choir’s song of choice is that it featured the line, “Let’s get together and feel all right,” as it perfectly summarized the central theme of the Carroll-led meeting.

The Seahawks may be 2-3, but Carroll is imploring the players to remain optimistic.

“What we need to do is we need to pick up on the positive things that have been happening for us, the good things that we’ve been getting done,” Carroll said, via ESPN.

Arguably most devastating about the Seahawks’ three losses is how each of them came in heartbreaking fashion. The team blew 4th quarter leads in all of them while being outscored in the final quarter/overtime by 24 points. Even worse, quarterbacks are absolutely shredding the vaunted Seahawks defense in the final frame of games.

And yet, while it is often a loser’s lament, a few breaks going the other way to the Seahawks’ advantage and the team likely doesn’t have a losing record, something Carroll clearly wants to impress upon his players.

“I chronicled every play for a number of the games that you think I would look at to see what happened, and that’s kind of how it goes,” he said. “We have to be that much more right on our opportunities and create the wins at the right times. When the other team does, they get it.

“There are some things that we can try differently in subtle ways. We’re just looking for a play here or there.”

Carroll obviously is a master motivator and has fostered a reputation of knowing how to push the right buttons with his players. Given that the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl last season after starting out 3-3, it’s certainly not time to count the team out just yet … although it could prove difficult to catch lightning in a bottle in consecutive seasons.