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Brandon Marshall calls Chris Ivory the ‘best running back’ in NFL

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall believes teammate Chris Ivory ranks among the best running backs in the NFL. And he won’t hesitate to tout the reasons he believes that’s the case.

“He’s already the best running back in the league right now,” Marshall said about Ivory Wednesday, via the New York Daily News. “I just watch the tape,” he said. “Speed. Quickness. Agility. Vision. Endurance. He has it all.

“Chris Ivory is a monster.”

While Marshall’s assessment of Ivory’s standing relative to other running backs in the NFL in unquestionably biased, the Jets back’s stats and production actually do hold up.

Ivory’s name may not sit atop many major statistical categories, but one caveat in his favor is that he has played in as many as two fewer games than some of the backs he’s trailing.

His 314 yards through four games may be only the 17th-best output in the league, but he’s tied for first with the St. Louis Rams’ Todd Gurley in yards-per-game average, a much more informative statistic. He’s also tied for fifth in the NFL with three rushing touchdowns and is averaging five yards per carry, good for a tie for sixth-best.

With all that in mind, perhaps Marshall isn’t as far off as some would suspect. If Ivory keeps up the pace he’s on, he’s all but assured of a 1,000-yard season. But Marshall thinks his teammate should set his sights higher.

“I remember having a conversation when I first got here with him,” he said. “And (he said), ‘I want to have 1,000 yards, trying to get there.’ I said ‘What?’ I said, ‘No, our goal is going to be 1,500 or better.’”

(image via NY Post)