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Adrian Peterson settles LeBron beef with Jamaal Charles: I’m MJ

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson once and for all settled a beef between himself and Jamaal Charles over who is the supposed “LeBron James of the NFL.” And he did so by invoking arguably a more lofty comparison between himself and a different all-time NBA great.

With the Minnesota Vikings hosting the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, not only was the devastating news about Charles being out for the season after tearing the ACL in his right knee a topic of discussion when Peterson spoke with Kansas City media, but also how the two running backs had a back-and-forth over the summer over who should be deemed the LeBron of the league. And Peterson, perhaps trying to play nice, deferred to Charles while at the same time paying himself a pretty flattering compliment.

“I’ll say I’m the Michael Jordan,” Peterson said, via ESPN. “There’s always the debate, would LeBron be better than Michael? So I’ll say I’m the Michael Jordan of football.”

If the debate between Peterson and Charles over who should be referred to as the “LeBron James of the NFL” wasn’t silly enough from the onset, the Vikings running back actually felt compelled to clarify his comments regarding the issue in August.

“It’s so funny. You go on social media and hear people saying, ‘I can’t believe he compared himself to James. King James of football.’ It’s just like so ridiculous,” he said. “It’s just casual conversation that people have, not that big of a deal.”

Regarding Charles’ devastating knee injury, Peterson had nothing but kind words to say about his running back counterpart while noting how the Chiefs back tore the ACL in his left knee in 2011.

“It hurt me to the core to see my guy go down and in the opposite leg as well,” he said. “Knowing Jamaal, he’ll bounce back. I hated to see him go down like that. He’s been through it before with the left knee and he kind of knows what to expect during this rehab and recovering from it. That’s one positive.”