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Rajon Rondo on relationship with George Karl: ‘It’s not going too well’


Rajon Rondo admitted that his relationship with new head coach George Karl hasn’t gotten off to a good start since his offseason arrival with the Sacramento Kings.

The point guard, who signed a one-year deal with the Kings after wearing out his welcome with the Dallas Mavericks, said during an interview Tuesday with Cowbell Kingdom that the two aren’t quite yet on the same page.

“It’s not been going too well,” Rondo said. “We got into a couple arguments the last couple of days. Hopefully, we continue to talk, and it will get better.”

Rondo had a completely different — and more hopeful — outlook upon his arrival in Sacramento in July.

“I think the point guard is extremely important in George’s system,” Rondo said at the time. “George and I always have to be on the same page, and if we communicate every day, we will be….

“Things happen in life, you learn from them, you go on. But to have the opportunity to be somewhere you want to be, and they welcome you as well, I think it’s a great fit. So far. We haven’t played any games, coach Karl hasn’t kicked me out of any practices yet, so we will see how it goes.”

The mercurial Rondo has butted heads with previous coaches, specifically Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle, which caused the point guard’s short stint in Texas to devolve into an ugly, embarrassing mess.

Karl of course has had issues with star players in his coaching past, going back to his dealings with Carmelo Anthony during the duo’s tenure with the Denver Nuggets and how his relationship with DeMarcus Cousins couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start.

With all that in mind, perhaps the fact these two aren’t getting along so well shouldn’t be all that surprising. With all the domineering personalities on the team and coaching staff, it’s certainly going to be an interesting season in Sacramento.