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Mike Tomlin makes ‘Godfather’ reference to explain gutsy late call


Mike Tomlin threw caution to the wind and went for broke with a gutsy call late in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Monday night tilt with the San Diego Chargers, opting to go for the go-ahead touchdown instead of a game-tying field goal.

Things of course played out perfectly for Tomlin, as Le’Veon Bell plunged in from the 1-yard line out of the Wildcat formation for the winning score as time expired, propelling the Steelers to a thrilling 24-20 victory on the West Coast.

After the game, Tomlin explained his decision to play the role of riverboat gambler by breaking out a reference to an iconic line from an even more iconic film: “The Godfather.”

“It was time to go to the mattresses,” said Tomlin, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette.

The line is a reference to how mafia soldiers would stay in hideouts or safe houses away from family and loved ones once a full-out gang war erupted. It was meant to ensure safety and security.

It’s unclear exactly what Tomlin meant by the reference. It’s likely he simply intended to articulate he and his players were going to war on the critical final play call.

On the other hand, it is arguably possible that Tomlin recognized he may in fact have to “go to the mattresses” himself upon his return to Pittsburgh, as if his gamble would have backfired and the Steelers had lost the game, it would have been wise — and safe — for him to go into hiding … either that or being on the receiving end of an offer he can’t refuse.