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Jerry Jones thinks ‘it might be too late’ for Cowboys to save season


The Dallas Cowboys obviously have been plagued by a litany of injuries so far this season, first and foremost the debilitating ones that have caused lengthy absences by two of the team’s top players, Tony Romo and Dez Bryant.

With Bryant perhaps nearing his return and Romo’s comeback a little ways off still, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reluctantly acknowledged that at 2-3, the team is in a tough spot when it comes to remaining in the playoff hunt down the stretch.

“However you want to count them, you have to ask how realistic is it for Romo and Bryant to come back and then we win all of them,” Jones said Sunday. “It’s not. We really do need to be playing better than we are playing. If we don’t do that, then it might be too late.”

Jones explained how he viewed the challenges ahead once it became clear Bryant and Romo would be out for some time.

“Kind of with your fingers crossed, I had hoped that we could compete against Atlanta, and we did,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via The Dallas Morning News. “We were very disappointed that we tailed-off near the end, but the way Atlanta is playing, we can see that we were up against some pretty good competition. The New Orleans game is and was a downer. It was an opportunity. We didn’t get that one. That one, in my mind, needed to be there. Let’s mark that up to real expectation and lost opportunity.

“This game against New England was always going to be a real challenge and really an accomplishment if we could get it done. … We didn’t get that one done, so we’re sitting here probably in my view with one win short of where I really gut-check thought we could be.”

If the Cowboys, currently enjoying their much-needed bye, are fortunate enough to get Bryant back for their tilt against the Giants on Oct. 25 and Romo makes his triumphant return on Nov. 22 — the earliest he’s expected back — stranger things have happened than the Cowboys making a strong December push for the postseason.