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Draymond Green fires back at critics, compares them to ‘bitter females’


In some off-the-cuff comments that may come back to haunt him in some way, shape or form, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green had some words of advice for those detractors who have attempted to denigrate the success of the team:

Stop behaving like a “bitter female.”

“It’s funny. It’s like a bitter female,” Green said, via KNBR radio. “You ever dealt with a bitter female that’s just scorned? God. That’s rough. When you’re dealing with a bitter female that’s scorned, that’s one of the worst things in the world. God, that’s bad.

While not specifically singling out anyone in particular, Green arguably was calling out any and all critics of the Warriors, perhaps specifically Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, who suggested that the Warriors were “lucky” to win the title, although he has since backed down a bit from those comments.

Whatever the case may be, likening any naysayer or what have you to a “bitter female” probably won’t play too well and likely will subject Green to some semblance of criticism.

Although to be completely fair to Green, his “bitter females” comments were preceded in part by the following commentary:

If they’re saying that, they’re not the champs,” he said. “It’s simple. Gregg Popovich didn’t say that. That’s one organization that I really respect. And you haven’t heard anybody [there] make that statement. You haven’t heard anybody from OKC say that — some of the organizations that I really respect …”

“I don’t really don’t care what they say to be honest with you,” he continued. “It don’t matter. They get to chase one this year — along with us.

“I would feel bad about myself doing that. That’s just crazy to me. That just lets you know how many people didn’t want to see us win. Because they sick.

“People hate change. People don’t accept change well.”

Even with those comments, odds are good Green still will hear about the “bitter female” component.