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Rams blaring ‘Macarena’ at practice to ready defense for Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers is the best in the business when it comes to getting the defense to jump offside with a hard count, so the St. Louis Rams are using unconventional methods to prepare the defense for its formidable showdown with the Green Bay Packers gunslinger.

And those unconventional methods include head coach Jeff Fisher blasting an airhorn out of nowhere — even during meetings — and blasting the 90s dance hit “Macarena” during practices.

Fisher not only was firing off the airhorn during meetings, he also did so on the practice field … right into the ears of defensive linemen.

“That’s just a message to the D-line on the hard count,” he said, via ESPN. “No one uses the hard count better than Aaron. … He pulls them offside two or three times a game. So I woke them up in their meeting room this morning with the horn, just to send a message.”

A message that needs to be learned. After all, Rodgers this season has gone 5-for-5 for 164 yards and two touchdowns in the league-high eight times he has drawn a defensive player offside.

The Rams coach acknowledged “some were pissed” with his ear-piercing methods, but as far as the “Macarena” was concerned … well, whether or not it will prove effective in getting his defensive players focused for Sunday’s showdown is one thing. Whether the young players on the team had ever heard the song or even knew anything about the worldwide craze from a couple of decades ago is another.

“We’re just kind of substituting crowd noise for a little bit of music and get them to focus a little bit,” Fisher said. “So it’s been good, and rather than turn it off when the defense goes on the field, we just left it on. The defense can communicate through it too. So it worked for us last week.

“When the guys were walking out and the ‘Macarena’ was playing, none of them had heard it before. They weren’t born.”

That’s certainly a sobering thought for folks who do remember the song, whether they actually want to recall it or not.