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Jerry Jones defends Greg Hardy over controversial comments


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones once again went to bat for Greg Hardy after the defensive end made controversial remarks in comments heading into the team’s showdown with the New England Patriots.

Hardy came under fire and created a media frenzy when he made comments about coming out with “guns blazing” as well as making remarks about Tom Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Jones criticized the media for overreacting to Hardy’s comments in a lengthy, seven-minute diatribe during an appearance Friday on 105.3 The Fan, specifically to the “guns blazing” comment.

“Let’s look at it,” Jones said, as transcribed by The Dallas Morning News. “Does anybody really think what he was really alluding to in saying my guns are going to be blazing?”

Jones went on to suggest that it’s entirely possible that “going out with guns blazing” was a theme threaded through the coaching staff’s message to the players throughout the week.

Concerning the comments Hardy made about Brady’s wife, Jones made a curious reference to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and how when you talked to the Hollywood supercouple, “you talked about how pretty she was” and that it didn’t mean “you were being disrespectful of women or the workplace.”

“Well, Tom just happens to be married to a lady that’s absolutely one of the premier people in the world of working and making people say she’s beautiful,” Jones continued. “Do you agree with me? That’s what they do. They get up in the morning and go to bed at night having people say she’s beautiful. So a lot of people when they talk about Tom Brady, they talk about how beautiful she is.”

As the owner, Jones of course should feel compelled to defend one of his players, and the way he went about doing so was quintessential Jerry Jones.