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Jason Witten, Rob Gronkowski engage in mutual admiration society

Jason Witten and Rob Gronkowski are two of the top tight ends in the game and when their respective careers are all said and done, the duo will rank among the best to ever play the position.

With the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots squaring off Sunday, it’s hardly surprising that the two superstars have been asked this week about their fellow tight end brethren. Also not surprising: Both were very complimentary of the other and engaged what can only be called a mutual admiration society.

Gronkowski, who has been a fan of the Cowboys tight end since he was a youngster, got things started earlier this week when he referred to Witten as the “definition of a true tight end.”

“I’ve always watched him growing throughout college and throughout high school,” he said, via the Boston Herald. “He’s a great player. He’s one of the best tight ends to play the game and I always try to take something out of his game and apply it to mine.”

Witten responded almost exactly in kind to his younger but equally talented rival, referring to Gronk as a “complete tight end.”

“He blocks inside, he blocks on the perimeter and he’s dynamic in the passing game,” he said, via ESPN. “You can tell that he has a lot of confidence and the quarterback has a lot of confidence in him. He makes big-time catches, so he’s as good as there is at the position. He continues to make plays time and time again. I got a lot of respect for his game.”

With Witten in his 13th season and Gronkowski only in his sixth year in the league, it’s arguable a passing of the tight end torch between the two could be occurring. While the two are polar opposites personality-wise, their competitiveness, accomplishments and dominance at the position are mostly unmatched in today’s NFL.

Even more remarkable? Both tight ends have had cereals named after them (here and here). Even in breakfast bowls these guys share a common bond.