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DeMarco Murray: Running more plays will mean more chances for him


One of the most surprising story lines to emerge up to the quarter-pole point of the NFL season is how the Philadelphia Eagles have been incapable of utilizing the talents of high-prized free agent acquisition DeMarco Murray.

While admitting he cannot control what plays are called — the Eagles have been notoriously pass-happy so far this season, often by necessity, other times by design — Murray believes that being able to sustain drives and keeping the offense on the field in turn will provide more opportunities for not only him but the entire offense to have an impact.

“No matter what play is being called, no matter what, you want to be on the field,” Murray said after practice Thursday. “… We haven’t been getting as many opportunities as they’ve gotten in the past – 70-something plays. I think we’re getting 40, 50, 60 plays. It’s something you’ve got to control. The amount of plays that I’m in, I can’t control that.”

In three games in an Eagles uniform (Murray sat out Week 3 against the New York Jets with an injury), the Eagles top back has carried the ball only 29 times. If that’s not bad enough, Murray has generated only 47 yards on the ground for a woeful 1.6-yards-per-carry average.

Murray was asked if he requires a certain amount touches to get in a rhythm.

“No, there isn’t a certain number,” Murray said. “I think the more opportunities we have, the more balls you get individually. I think you just feel better. The juices flowing a little bit. But I think that is everyone, not just me.”

Obviously a higher volume of plays ran by the offense will translate to more chances for Murray, not only due to simple math but also because it means that the Eagles offense is rolling and can mix in more running plays. Murray insists the season is “definitely not over” for the 1-3 Eagles. But should Murray have another poor showing and the team drops Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints? For all intents and purposes, it arguably might as well be.