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Terry Collins makes wisecracks about Matt Harvey controversy


New York Mets manager Terry Collins on Thursday attempted to downplay the latest in a long line of Matt Harvey-related controversies by making wisecracks about how the team has a plan in place to make sure the talented-but-mercurial pitcher is on the team flight to the West Coast for the team’s division series showdown with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Harvey of course was late to a mandatory workout at Citi Field earlier this week, one that not only created controversy but consternation among the front office and coaching staff, not to mention team captain David Wright.

But Collins did his best to make light of the entire incident.

“We’re going to make sure Matt gets to the plane and he gets on-board,” Collins quipped, via the New York Post. “He will be with us [Thursday] at the workout … I think.”

Harvey not only apparently made it on the plane, he also was on time for a pre-flight exercise session at Citi Field. The Mets worked out for two hours prior to boarding the charter flight to L.A.

When pressed to further discuss Harvey’s unexcused absence — one that was explained with myriad and conflicting excuses — Collins wouldn’t bite.

“Why he wasn’t here, I don’t care,” he said. “The only thing I care about was he wasn’t here.”

The Mets clearly — and wisely — are attempting to move on from the distraction surrounding Harvey’s tardiness. The pitcher conceded he was completely at fault by admitting “I messed up.” Teammate Curtis Granderson came to Harvey’s defense, arguing that everyone has been late at least one time and people should be allowed to make mistakes.

The lone holdout, it seems, is David Wright, who in a roundabout way ripped Harvey for being late and later held firm in his criticism of the pitcher.

Perhaps Wright’s ire was mellowed by seeing Harvey on the charter flight.