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Stephen Curry: James Harden’s MVP talk ‘doesn’t change what happened’


Reigning NBA Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry did his best to downplay arguments forwarded by Houston Rockets star James Harden that he deserved to win the MVP award last year. But that didn’t stop the Golden State Warriors sharpshooter from taking a slight dig at his rival by subtly pointing out what’s done is done and complaining about it isn’t going to change anything.

“It doesn’t change what happened last year,” Curry said Wednesday after Warriors practice, via CSN Bay Area.

Harden in no uncertain terms remains bitter about coming in second to Curry in MVP voting last season and expansively laid out the reasons why he deserved the hardware and accolades, not the Warriors superstar.

“There’s so many factors. I led the league in total points scored, minutes played,” he said. “Like I said, I’m not taking anything away from Steph, but I felt I deserved the Most Valuable Player. That stays with me.”

Before voting was even finished last season, Harden shared similar sentiments regarding how he felt he deserved the MVP award considering how he almost single-handedly led an injury-plagued and undermanned Rockets lineup to the postseason last spring in dominant fashion.

In the end, Curry dominated MVP voting, netting 100 of the 130 first place votes. He seemed almost bemused by Harden bringing it up at this point.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Different guys find different ways of motivating themselves. I’ve never been one to just . . . I’m obviously confident in what I do, and I know he’s confident in what he does. It might come out in a different way.

“I try not to do a lot of talking, especially (regarding) things that have passed. Obviously, you’ve got to motivate yourself and I’m sure he’s motivated this year to do some special things. I’m the same way.”

To the victor go the spoils, as the saying goes. Apparently so does the ability to brush off critiques and complaints from embittered rivals who felt they got the short end of the stick.