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Curtis Granderson downplays significance of Matt Harvey’s tardiness


While the New York papers are having a field day speculating about the potential negative impacts of Matt Harvey being late to Tuesday’s mandatory workout at Citi Field, a New York Mets teammate went to bat for the oft-controversial pitcher.

Curtis Granderson on Wednesday said the pitcher, who is slated to start Game 3 of the team’s NLDS series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, eventually showed up and that people should be allowed to make mistakes.

“First and foremost, he was here,” Granderson said, via “He was just late. We all have been late at some point in time. I was late in spring training. You get a chance to talk to your guys, the coaching staff, the front office – you apologize for your actions. He still got his work done. He didn’t want to throw and he didn’t. He wanted to run, he got that in. He was still able to accomplish everything he wanted to, just an hour later. That’s all it was.

“I don’t think anybody on the team has looked at it more than that. Obviously on the outside everybody is going to say any and everything about it. Regardless, he’s going to be ready to play for us.”

The original story that Harvey was late because he was stuck in traffic quickly unraveled as the afternoon wore on, creating an ever bigger circus sideshow atmosphere caused by the pitcher’s inability to get to the mandatory workout on time.

Harvey owned up to becoming a distraction in a lengthy statement on the matter that essentially boiled down to how he finished his comments on the matter: “I screwed up.”

While Granderson clearly is in Harvey’s corner, David Wright doubled-down on his critical comments about the pitcher.

When asked Tuesday about Harvey being late, the Mets captain said, “I’m concerned about the guys that are here.”

Asked again Wednesday about the incident, Wright didn’t back down.

“Nothing’s changed from yesterday,” he said.

Another day, another Harvey-inspired dose of drama. It’s possible the team is getting used to it at this point.