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Cubs fan alters sign near PNC Park to read ‘LETS GO CUBS’ (pic)


With Wednesday’s National League Wild Card match-up between the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates only hours away, a wisenheimer Cubs fan cleverly altered a series of letters located in the windows of a building nearby PNC Park that read “LETS GO BUCS” to bear a much different message, one that instead expressed support for the visiting team.

Given that “BUCS” and “CUBS” feature the same four letters, the switcheroo was an easy one in theory, but the fact that the sly Cubs fan managed to execute the tomfoolery is pretty impressive to say the least.

After the son of the Cubs fan who pulled off the prank posted a photo that quickly went viral, employees in the building quickly changed it back, within a reported 10 minutes. But the deliverance of the dastardly damage already had been done.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has since identified the prankster as Steve Mpistolarides, a Cook County (Ill.) sheriff’s police officer who resides in Chicago but traveled to Pittsburgh for Wednesday’s Wild Card showdown between the Cubs and Pirates.

“It was just for fun. Just a prank,”¬†Mpistolarides said.

Son Travis and Travis’ girlfriend joined the elder¬†Mpistolarides on the road trip and it was Travis who originally pointed out the sign to his dad.

“He looked up at it and said, ‘Dad, it says LETS GO BUCS. Let’s see if we can switch it to LETS GO CUBS,” Steve told the Post-Gazette.

And with that, a brilliant prank was pulled. A short-lived one, sure, but a solid one nevertheless.

(image via Mike Oz/Twitter)