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Shirtless Colby Rasmus the first party-hearty star of MLB postseason (pics)


After his mammoth home run in the second inning helped lead the Houston Astros to a 3-0 Wild Card victory over the New York Yankees, Colby Rasmus had every reason to celebrate. And boy, did he ever whoop it up.

A shirtless Rasmus, rocking goggles, was up front and center among the exultant Astros players relishing the victory at Yankee Stadium, looking more like a pro wrestler than a ballplayer.

“We here to party, man,” Rasmus says in the above video. And how.

Further postgame comments made by the Astros center fielder clearly indicate it’s all about showing the love for everyone. Or something.

Discussing how he had developed a somewhat bad reputation during his stints with the Toronto Blue Jays and St. Louis Cardinals, the 29-year-old Rasmus expressed that he’d rather be remembered for something far different.

“I don’t want them to say Colby Rasmus was a piece of crap because he had all of this time and just wanted to be a douche,” Rasmus told Yahoo’s Jeff Passan. “I just try to love on everybody.”

Indeed. Party on, Rasmus. Whether he becomes this postseason’s version of Madison Bumgarner probably relates more to how long the Astros remain in the postseason than his willingness to enjoy any success coming his team’s way.

(image via Yahoo Sports/Twitter)